In the Triumphal Entry, Jesus fulfills Old Testament prophecies that identified Him as the King & Messiah of Israel. Those who witnessed the events demonstrate 5 possible responses to the Savior.

Elisha’s Wisdom to King Joash was that in order to be victorious, God’s people must be obedient and fully follow His instructions

Love for others, more than anything else, marks the lives of those who know God. The reason is that love so defines the character of God and the way He saved us, that we can consistently live no other way.

The Christian life is appropriately compared to running a marathon, which requires strategy and endurance. it is essential to understand the nature of the race, the hindrances to running well, and the encouragements necessary to finishing the race

Before Mark Ndinyo returns to Kenya to plant a new church, he shares with our church what Ephesians 4 teaches about how to maintain unity in the church. It requires an understanding of our calling, the attitudes that promote unity, and the triune nature of God that undergirds unity.

Every believer that has received the truth of Christ is called to be fully rooted and established in Him so that the character of Christ is clearly demonstrated in our actions and in a life overflowing with gratitude.